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Vishal Gadhiya  & Labham by Vishal


Vishal Gadhiya

• Engineer • Educator • Child & Educational Psychologist • Humanitarian

Hello! I’m so glad you stopped by today!

I’m Vishal Raghav Gadhiya living in Surat, The Diamond City of India, an engineer, an educator, a Child Psychologist, a humanitarian, and a life-long learner which means I’m quite busy and sometimes messy! I have completed my engineering from a reputed government institute, Dr. S. & S.S. Ghandhy College of Engineering & Technology, Surat and pursuing Child, Educational & Developmental Psychology from Harward University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

As an educator, I started a little blog called Labham by Vishal with the hopes that my little piece of the internet would be a place where students could come to gain knowledge and be inspired. I sincerely hope that’s happening today!

I always make time for students and aspiring people, so say hello!


I hope you’ll stick around a while! :)

..and Labham by Vishal is my little corner of the world!​ With the voice, author, and creator behind this I initially started as a casual hobby for nights and weekends while I was working as an engineer at Theis Precision Steel India Private Limited, Navsari, Gujarat (formally, TATA STEEL) and has now grown into a full-blown cause with a hope that reaches numbers of aspiring students with a fun learning day by day.

In this space, I am always happy to share knowledge, PDF books, and solving doubts which I love to do for enhancing the knowledge and to benefit students. My goal is to inspire you with accomplishment that is both approachable & exciting whether you’re a learner for yourself as a student or for your kids as a caring parent.

On a related note, I absolutely love seeing the students that are making their bright careers. It will make my life worthy! :)


Vishal Gadhiya


phone +91 9898046767​

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Vishal Gadhiya

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