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A Girl in a Classroom

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Vishal Gadhiya's Classroom..



Mission & Vision

Labham by Vishal

We are all aware of the numerous entrance examinations for colleges in India and abroad (e.g., IIT-JEE, SAT, NEET, and many others) and their extensive syllabus. As a result, students feel pressured to pass these exams in order to pursue their dreams. As a result, they are unable to prepare and practice the actual curriculum.


The motive of Labham by Vishal is to help you build a strong foundation from the start, which will prepare you to easily crack top Engineering & Management Colleges Pre Exams after a few years by providing various types of real-time practice papers and minute insights into your data.


Vishal Gadhiya

• Engineer • Educator • Child & Educational Psychologist • Humanitarian

Quality Learning

Anywhere.. Anytime..

Initial Assessments & Study Plans

Our Initial Assessments will put your child's current and previous year's work to the test. This will result in a report that details your child's areas of weakness as well as areas where he or she is strong and competent.

On that basis, we will develop Study Plans.

Practice, eNotes & eBooks

When starting a new topic, or perhaps revising an old topic, the learning resources provides the student and parent with the opportunity to ‘try out the lesson’ – to make sure that this is indeed the right lesson to be working on.

Our Practice, eNotes & eBooks are one-on-one teaching moments of the lesson. These supporting sources are developed by qualified and experienced teachers which will allow your child to learn about the current topic they are attempting.

Study Group
Math Exercises
Worksheets & Reporting

The Worksheets are focused on your child practicing what’s been learned from the Practice, eNotes & eBooks. During this learning stage, your child gets 1 attempt at a question being asked, very much like an examination situation held at school. This step is the assessment step in the learning process, where your child is tested on what they have learned during the lesson topics.​


It is vital that not only can the child see how they are progressing, but you can too. Even if you don’t think you understand Mathematics, Science, or English literacy, for your child's sake you should look at these Reports. It will give you the opportunity to see how they’re finding the Labham program and will highlight those areas that they’ve done very well at, and those where they have struggled.

On-demand Teaching

No matter the student, at some point either they or you, will have a question. No problem, use the Ask a Doubt feature. This offers you and your child access to me for any Mathematics, Science, or Language questions.


I will reply with a detailed explanation and answer to your question. If your child requires a nudge in the right direction for an answer or even if the question is not related to my system, send it through to Ask a Doubt I will happy to help!

Math Class


Image by Vishwarajsinh Rana
Science Class
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Image by Mattia Faloretti
Image by Adeolu Eletu
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All Hands In
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Image by Steve Halama
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Thanks for asking! I will get in touch ASAP..

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